The Reconfigurable Cart

Spring 2008

When designing a cart, the first question you ask yourself is: what's going in this cart? When the answer is: anything and everything, you have to rethink what a single cart can be. Construction Junction is an architectural salvage warehouse open to the public in Pittsburgh, PA which means that a shopper might need to move a pedestal sink, a window frame and twenty outlet covers at the same time.

To overcome this, I designed a cart that is just as variable as the items for sale. Emulating a peg board, shoppers and employees can choose from a variety of modular pieces that fit into the cart and can be arranged in any way necessary, providing as many configurations as there are items for sale.

The carts can be made from repurposed doors (a common item found at Construction Junction), and most of the modules can be made from PVC.

The portfolio of Michael J. Levy.