Carnegie Mellon University
Fall 2004 - Fall 2008
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Industrial Design


August 2011 - February 2013
User Experience Designer

Design Strategy:
I helped craft a product vision for a suite of digital tools designed to help translate 20 years of management consulting know-how into an easily scalable package, accessible to the full breadth of an organization, rather than just its leaders.

User Experience:
With a team of developers, designers and strategists, I helped identify and plan comprehensive user profiles, sensible user journeys, and logical hierarchies of information.

Interaction Design:
Using everything our team had learned and set down, I helped bring those ideas to life, from low fidelity sketches and quick prototypes to interactive wireframes and user testing, then on to working with developers to build a functional tool.

General Motors
August 2008 - August 2011
Interaction Designer

Interaction Design:
Working in R&D, I've designed and tested displays which present information to drivers in the simplest and most effective way, minimizing complexity while maximizing communication. While here I've been able to create tools that lower the barrier for our own experimentation, design displays that turn once-boring information into a game and build visual guidelines that make sure aging eyes don't miss a thing.

Contextual Design Research:
I played a key role in GM's design research, interviewing our customers in the context of driving. Using contextual inquiry, we were granted far more knowledge about user behavior and attitudes than a yes-or-no questionnaire could ever give. I also represented my team on a research trips to overseas, meeting with international colleagues and conducting interviews with international drivers.

Autonomous Driving and Educational Collaboration:
In spring of 2010 I led an automotive design class at the Carnegie Mellon School of Design, along with a colleague. We crafted our class material around the transitional period between current automated driving features and long term autonomous driving in a fully safe, integrated and intelligent vehicle. Our class of 24 students studied and prepared ideas for the trade-off of control between the driver and the vehicle.


Design Strategy
User Experience
Interaction Design
Sketching and visualization
Physical prototyping

The portfolio of Michael J. Levy.