To understand Teamworks, it's important to understand SYPartners. For most its life, the firm has worked with the top tiers of large organizations (IBM, Starbucks, AT&T) to help them steer their companies through major transformation. It's easy to just classify it as management consulting, but it's more than that. SYP doesn't tell you to sit in a corner and wait until it's come up with an answer, they go on the journey with you, they set the stage perfectly so that just the right insights come at just the right times. And for a long time, this was done totally analog. A circle of chairs around giant printouts, a single word printed six feet long; it works brilliantly, but it doesn't scale brilliantly.

Which is where the idea idea of Teamworks came in. SYP wanted to take it's two decades of know-how, it's expertise about the way teams work, and make it available to that middle tier of the organization that they never get to interact with personally.

Without getting further into proprietary details, check out the teaser site here and sign your team up for the beta. I got to take on an number of different roles throughout the project, from mapping out the design strategy in the early stages, to wire-framing journey maps and potential user experiences, and even getting to build prototypes and conduct user testing.

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